All Worlds

Carole M. Cusack. The Church of All Worlds: A Modern Pagan Religion. Routledge. (1 Feb. 2018)

This is the first book-length study of the Church of All Worlds (CAW) - a modern Pagan religion. Situating the Church of All Worlds within the context of the Pagan revival, the counter-culture of the 1960s, and broader contemporary environmentalist discourses (in particular), Carole Cusack offers an authoritative, evidence-based study of the church's present activities. Founded by Tim Zell (now Oberon Zell-Ravenheart) and Lance Christie in 1962, the Church of All Worlds has a disproportionate influence within the modern pagan scene due their environmental focus and particularly their attention to Gaia theology.

Utilising contemporary scholarship from a variety of genres to comment on late/post-modern religious forms, this book includes the use of fiction as part of a bricolage for spirituality, identity-formation, and personal orientation. While scholarship on New Religious Movements maintains a steady pace, explicitly countercultural movements remain relatively unexplored methodologically and this book offers an invaluable resource for all those interested in new/contemporary forms of religiosity and spirituality.